Parker Dome Project

Southern Cross Projects

Parker Dome Project (Ramelius Resources Farm-In/JV)

The Parker Dome project is located approximately 60 km south-south-east of the Southern Cross township and is within the Southern Cross greenstone belt of the Southern Cross Domain, on the western margin of the northwesterly elongated Parker Dome.

The geology of the Parker Dome region is dominated by a poorly exposed, gneissic granitoid dome approximately 40 km x 20 km of the ca. 2732-2686 Ma Big Bell Suite, which is flanked by metamorphosed ultramafic, mafic and clastic greenstones of the Younami terrane.

The dome is clearly visible in aeromagnetic imagery and is cross-cut by a series of ENE-WSW trending Palaeoprotoerozoic dykes imaged in the regional aeromagnetics.  The aeromagnetics also reveals a series of NE-SW linear features of unknown source that, conceivably, could be interpreted as being related to late-stage shearing or possibly attenuated, partly consumed greenstone remnants.

Westar considers the project area has favourable geology, litho-structural conditions conducive to Archean-type shear mobilised mineralisation and inadequately tested gold anomalies from historical exploration activities.

At the outset, preliminary investigations based on historical reports and datasets suggest several potential sources of gold anomalism, including;

  1. Laterite (undetermined whether transported or in-situ)
  2. Remnant greenstone rafts hosted in the Parker Dome gneiss-granite
  3. Discrete NE-SW trending structures that link to the adjacent greenstone belt; akin to Havana-Suva and gold cities style mineralisation recorded in the Scotia batholith, NW of Kalgoorlie.