Mt Finnerty

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Mt Finnerty – Ramelius Resources Farm-in/JV (WSR 25% Free Carry to Decision to Mine)

The Mt Finnerty Project  is subject to a Farm-in and Joint Venture Agreement with Ramelius Resources. Westar will hold a free carried 25% interest until a decision to mine is made, at which point Westar can either contribute to ongoing expenditure or dilute its interest in the project.  A full summary of the Farm-in Agreement is set out in section 10.1(a) of the company’s IPO Prospectus.


Mt Finnerty is located approximately 430km east-northeast of Perth and 200km northeast of the Ramelius Resources Edna May mine and mill,  within the Archaean Marda-Diemals greenstone belt Historical exploration across the Mount Finnerty Project in the 1990’s defined the Flinders and Tasman Prospects with significant assays including;

  • 9 m @ 98.2 g/t Au from62m (MF023); including
    • 4m @ 215.8 g/t Aufrom 62m.
  • 1m @ 236.3 g/t Aufrom 126m (MFRC029).
  • 24m @ 3.68 g/t Aufrom 45m (MF038); including
    • 4m @ 12.6 g/tAu from 46m.
  • 9m @ 9.95 g/t Aufrom 51m (MF8880/1376).
  • 6m @ 14 g/t Aufrom 39m (MF8580/1414).
  • 8m @ 3.2 g/t Aufrom 48m (MRFB040).
  • 3m @ 6.4 g/t Aufrom 54m (MF034).
  • 4m @ 3.4 g/t Aufrom 57m (MF044).

Gold Potential

Ramelius Resources has completed RC drilling over several campaigns, returning exceptional intersections including;

Flinders Prospect

  • 5m at 66.7g/t Au from 175m in FLRC002, including
    • 1m at 52.4g/t Au from 176m and also including
    • 1m at 274g/t Au from 177m
  • 4m at 14.1g/t Au from 136m in FLRC003, including
    • 1m at 43.4g/t Au from 137m
  • 1m at 35.0g/t Au from 125m in FLRC004
    • 1m at 11.8 g/t Au from 139m in FLRC0017
    • 7m at 3.44 g/t Au from 166m in FLRC0020
    • 2m at 10.5 g/t Au from 224m in FLRC0021
    • 5m at 1.32 g/t Au from 99m in FLRC00022, and
  • 9m at01 g/t Au from 114m, and
  • 3m at 3.20 g/t Au from 126m

Tasman Prospect

  • 13m at 4.37g/t Au from 182m in FLRC015
  • 5m at 2.63g/t Au from 146min FLRC0013
  • 8m at 4.70 g/t Au from 142m in FLRC0028
  • 5m at 3.01 g/t Au from 142m in FLRC0030

Figure 1 – Locality map of the Mt Finnerty Project under Farm-in Agreement with Ramelius Resources and additionally, the WSR Olga Rocks Project

Figure 2 – Mt Finnerty JV Project with historical drilling as well as recent and previous RMS drilling campaigns

Figure 3 – Flinders Prospect Plan – Drilling Results

Figure 4 – Flinders Prospect – Cross Section

Figure 5 – Tasman Prospect – Cross Section