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Gidgee South

The Gidgee South project includes the original Gidgee South tenement (E 57/1055) and the 2021 project acquisitions of the historic Birrigrin Mining Centre (BMC, M57/352) and the Carbine Bore Prospect (P 57/1363 & P57/1368).

At the BMC, extremely high-grade gold was mined in the early 1900’s from over 30 historical shafts.  Over 11,000 ounces of gold were produced with gold grades of up to 196 g/t Au at the Wheel Ellen mine.   Situated on a granted Mining Lease (M57/352), old workings were generally limited to 30 metres depth due to groundwater.   Only limited and small-scale exploration has been historically completed.

The Carbine Bore prospect to the south of the Project, is known to have produced substantial alluvial gold with nuggets up 6 ounces in size.  It was originally believed the nuggets were secondary in nature as the gold was in a cemented laterite, however, after earthworks commenced and extensive loaming of the laterite was complete, the source of this gold is now considered to be deeper and is thought to be of a primary origin and presents to the surface in a series of feeders.

The original Gidgee South Project (E57/1055) contains a large, coherent gold in soils anomaly between the BMC and Carbine Bore Prospects and multiple historic workings.  Mineralisation appears focused on N-S trending quartz veins often adjacent to BIFs (banded iron formations) with the eastern portion of the greenstone belt largely under cover and with no exploration to date.

Exploration across the Gidgee South Project by Westar date has produced results including;

  • 3m @ 3.29g/t Au from 35m in GSRC0005, including 1m @ 6.27g/t Au from 35-36m
  • 3m @ 3.41g/t Au from 55m in GSRC0047, including 1m @ 7.14g/t Au from 55-56m
  • 1m @ 7.45g/t Au from 42m in GSRC0051 (prior to entering and unmapped Stope)
  • 1m @ 0.492g/t Au from 16-17m depth (Drillhole GSAC0027)

Rock-Chip samples include;

  • 3g/t Au and 14.3g/t Au in mullock at the historical “Tassie’s Workings”
  • 38g/t Au in Quartz / goethite mullock 100m south of Tassies (‘Tassie South’)
  • 61 g/t Au and 0.14 g/t Au in the Carbine Bore laterites
  • 16g/t Au at a quartz-breccia outcrop to the north of Carbine Bore

A 2021 Deep Ground Penetrating RADAR program was completed in 2021 and in conjunction with recent field work and drilling success to date will guide drilling programs in 2022 targeting high grade gold mineralisation across the project.

Mineralisation at the “Tassies Prospect” defined in 2021 RC drilling

RC Drilling and portable XRF analysis of cuttings

RC Drilling and sampling

Historic Birrigrin Mining Centre – Pellerin headframe