Gidgee North

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Gidgee North

Complex faulting is present throughout the Gum Creek Greenstone Belt, with many lithological units being fault bounded. Prominent faulting also occurs as regional scale north-northwest ductile shear zones. These zones have a sinistral displacement (interpreted from magnetic data); these include the Bolger Well, Gidgee, Victory Well, Tokay and Wilson’s Shear Zones.

extral and sinistral northwest faulting is also common in the region and this may also have impacted on the distribution of mineralisation in the Gidgee mine area. The Bolger Well Shear Zone extends through the Gidgee North tenement and the Gidgee Shear Zone extends through the Gidgee South tenement.

Bonza Bore Target with anomalous auger soils hosted within a mafic/basalt unit and imaged with Sentinal 2 Multi-Spectral data.

SkyTEM data (Panormaic Gold PL 2015 data) showing untested conductors, potentially analogous to the Horizon Gold VHMS-Style Altair Copper Zinc Prospect.