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Mt Finnerty – Ramelius Resources Farm-in/JV
(WSR 25% Free Carry to Decision to Mine)

The Mt Finnerty Project (E16/505) is located approximately 430km east-northeast of Perth and 100km northeast of Southern Cross in the Archaean Marda-Diemals greenstone belt.  Historical exploration across the Mount Finnerty Project has defined several prospects referred to as Flinders, Flinders Northeast and Tasman.   Initial RAB and follow-up RC drilling at the Tasman and Flinders prospects in the mid 1990’s and early 2000’s returned numerous >1 g/t gold results, particularly at the Flinders prospect where mineralised trends remain open at depth and along strike.  No drilling since circa 1996 when the price of gold was around $400 AUD / Oz.

Significant assays from historical drilling include;

  • 9 m @ 98.2 g/t Au from 62m (MF023); including
    • 4m @ 215.8 g/t Au from 62m.
  • 1m @ 236.3 g/t Au from 126m (MFRC029).
  • 24m @ 3.68 g/t Au from 45m (MF038); including
    • 4m @ 12.6 g/t Au from 46m.
  • 9m @ 9.95 g/t Au from 51m (MF8880/1376).
  • 6m @ 14 g/t Au from 39m (MF8580/1414).
  • 8m @ 3.2 g/t Au from 48m (MRFB040).
  • 3m @ 6.4 g/t Au from 54m (MF034).
  • 4m @ 3.4 g/t Au from 57m (MF044).

In late 2021, farm-in partner Ramelius Resources completed 3,027m of RC drilling in 16 drill holes at Mt Finnerty, testing a 3km strike extent of the granite-greenstone contact.  Drilling targeted areas of best historic anomalism, with new intersections demonstrating deeper primary hosted mineralisation.  Furthermore, the new results have extended the zone of significant mineralisation to the south away from the Flinders Prospect, with the significant intercept of 13m at 4.37g/t Au in FLRC0015 located at the Tasman Prospect.

Significant intersections include;

Flinders Prospect
  • 5m at 66.7g/t Au from 175m in FLRC002, including
    • 1m at 52.4g/t Au from 176m and also including
    • 1m at 274g/t Au from 177m
  • 4m at 14.1g/t Au from 136m in FLRC003, including
    • 1m at 43.4g/t Au from 137m
  • 1m at 35.0g/t Au from 125m in FLRC004
Tasman Prospect
  • 13m at 4.37g/t Au from 182m in FLRC015
  • 5m at 2.63g/t Au from 146m in FLRC0013

 Flinders Prospect Plan – Drilling Results.

Flinders Prospect – Cross Section

Tasman Prospect – Cross Section

Mineralisation encountered at the Mt Finnerty Project is typically associated with mafic volcanics along an irregular and often sheared granite contact. Most of the mineralisation is located proximal to the granite/ mafic lithological contact where the intrusion of the granite has fractured and inter-fingered with mafics and the granite develops a biotite-rich gneissic texture. Secondary mineralisation appears to be associated with the adjacent felsic volcanics. Supergene enrichment of gold in a lateritic weathered profile is also seen above the Flinders prospect, as it is at the neighbouring Tasman prospect.

Westar considers the tenement is highly prospective, primarily for gold mineralisation. The historical exploration undertaken to date has not effectively tested, nor defined the mineralisation potential of the systems defined by previous explorers.