Coolaloo Project

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Coolaloo Project

The Coolaloo Project is located approximately 25km SW of Mt Magnet, 430 km NE of Perth and is adjacent the Great Northern Highway. The tenement covers an area of approximately 136km2 and accessed via the Daggar Hills gravel road at the southern end of the tenement.

  • Over 3,000 line km of geophysical surveys flow by Westar in 2019.
  • Independent review has assessed that there are several standout areas that warrent further investigation
  • Historical gold and base metal soil anomolies remain untested

The Geology within the tenure comprises predominantly units of the Austin Downs Supersuite that are overlain with sheetwash, lacrustrine units consisting mixed dunes, evaporite and alluvium, saline and gypsiferous evaporite deposits, clay, silts, sands and playa lakes. Historical geological mapping and airborne magnetic data indicate Archean greenstones and significant fault structures  that previous explorers considered prospective for both Mt Magnet and Big Bell style gold mineralisation.  ​

Target Area 1: Buried BIF (Banded Iron Formation) visible from Westar flown Aeromagnetic Survey. Breaks and thickening sequences are potential drill targets

Target Area 2: Buried Archean Greenstone rafts in areas of structurally complex faulting and displacement

​Target Area 3: MMI Anolmolies: Combined statistical sample analysis of Au, Cu and Pb-Zn element profiles (Dragon Energy MMI historical sampling data).